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11 Ways to Be Normal around Your New Roommates

Wait patiently and consistently for eye contact.

1. Never socialize. The only place for you when other people are home is your room. Give them their space.

2. Let them know you respect them by leaving notes on their milk insisting you didn’t take any. Do this for their hand soap, towels, and anything that you ever had the opportunity of using but didn’t.

3. Tidy up their rooms when they’re gone.

4. Wait up for them on weekends.

5. Hide.

6. Give them the option of using your toothbrush.

7. Make sure it’s very clear that you know exactly how much peanut butter you have and if anyone uses it, you’ll go CRAZY. Laugh.

8. Laugh whenever you can, especially by yourself or right as someone walks in the room.

9. Be especially energetic in the mornings.

10. Become a common enemy for the other roommates to bond around by stealing a girl’s shirt and wearing it blatantly.

11. Never close the bathroom door completely or stop smiling.

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