This One’s for All the Bloggers Out There

So this is what a hangover is. I don’t remember this picture being taken. Why am I putting this on the internet?

I was eating a PB&J out of tinfoil during class and thinking about blogging, as I often do. I had recently read a friend’s blog that he just started a few months ago and doesn’t update very often. Its future doesn’t look good—a few more months it will likely become another blog corpse silently occupying net space.  As I read his first tentative posts, I was reminded of my own blogging beginnings that stretch back to my senior year of high school.

It was a secret blog, called The Drevet (now deleted), and I posted a mere two times. The first one was the obligatory and awkward, “Hello world,” in which it seemed I was preparing to face all of humanity and be utterly rejected. It was the kind of introduction that set the bar so low even I couldn’t reach it. After only two months I stopped thinking about The Drevet and life moved on.

As I continued to reminisce and munch on my sandwich, I stumbled across another phase of beginnings: college. At this point, I suddenly realized the striking similarity between getting drunk for the first time and blogging for the first time.

When I first overindulged, not a moment before I turned twenty one (wink), I was fascinated with the very experience of it. “Wow,” I thought, “so this is what being drunk is like.”  It didn’t matter what came next in the evening because we were already having an awesome time through the act of inebriation itself, which was to us was inherently interesting.

In the beginning, I was also captivated by the phenomenon of blogging. The fact I could publish whatever I wanted for strangers to read and maybe enjoy was both thrilling and terrifying. And just as newbies feel awkward around alcohol, like they’re doing something taboo and exciting, I would get nervous in front of the computer screen, staring at the blank blog post box and wondering what I would say to the world. What if someone actually read it?

As a baby lush, I felt the constant need to discuss my level of sloshedness with my fellow drinkers, “I’m not drunk guys,” “Do I seem drunk?”  “I’m drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk,” etc. To everyone else this kind of blathering indicated it was time to change conversation partners. The more experienced drinkers had already found out that being drunk is not interesting or special, but to me the topic was endlessly engrossing for everyone and worth repeating dozens of time in the same night.

Similarly, in the first blog posts, I was self conscious about the fact I was blogging and tended to talk about the act itself, how it was hard to think of something to write or that I didn’t think anyone was reading it (no one was), and the end result was that I wouldn’t say anything at all and my predictions would come true. And just like a group of okay friends that get drunk at home hoping for something exciting to happen and then end up going to bed early, I wasted the potential of blogging by using it in a sarcastic and apathetic manner, only to defeat myself in the end.

Through many unfortunate nights and some unfortunate blogposts, I learned the real magic comes with a critical combination of both substance and medium: blogging and content, or alcohol and activities. But like most things, this is the kind of lesson that one must learn through their own experience, though we hope for our own sakes that newcomers learn it before anyone heads to the bathroom to vomit.

And my metaphorical vomiting days aren’t over yet. I will always be learning both how to drink better and how to blog better.

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762 thoughts on “This One’s for All the Bloggers Out There

  1. I love this. I was guilty of getting defeated. But i am trying to get better.

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  3. It -is- difficult to get into but I think in the end the key lies with writing down what interests you, rather than worrying anyone reads or doesn’t read. Doesn’t matter. You’re blogging because you care and have a story to tell, right? 🙂

    I haven’t been blogging very long just yet but I intend to improve my drinking too. By reading and commenting and learning from others. Bottoms up!

  4. I loved this post so much I shared it with my blogging FB group. We’re mostly new, so this was really nice to read. I like your style, I’ll be following you in the future so I can keep up with my good things!

  5. joelevis says:

    That was incredible. Gives me that aura- especially to a newbie bloger like me!! 🙂

  6. Somehow this seems inspiring! I am still in highschool, just looking for a future in music journalism. I just started the blog, and it takes alot to realize that for awhile I’m not going to have viewers, but if I quit I never will!
    Thanks! I’m not the only one!
    (P.S: Please at least check me out! One more view would be nice)
    XoXo Radium Rollercoaster

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  8. Puneet says:

    I feel the hangover.. 🙂

  9. perpetualflaneur says:

    Oh dear me, I agree with you. I have a secret blog, and now this not so secret blog. as drinking goes, it was never a secret at all. 😉


    Keep going!


    Great line, “All facts have been removed for your safety” ! and good article. If you’re really feeling gamy, you might get a smile out of my “blog” titled THE ULTIMATE CLASS B MOVIE MONSTER… ( ) It’s about the word BLOG, which I hate.

    • edrevets says:

      I am not a fan of the word blog either….going to your site now to find out why you hate it. I hate it because I feel like it makes me sound like a middle schooler.

  12. A Mountain Climber's View says:

    The perfect read for me since I just started my latest blog here less than an hour ago. You’re right….finding the perfect blend and balance of content and alcohol takes time. You can’t rush these things.

  13. mind4intellect says:

    Not to be mean, drink till you knock out is the best sleeping pill EVER!

  14. Emma Diva says:

    My blogging habit is akin to feast or famine. I like reading thought-provoking material, but generally just moan and whine on mine. Or forget to post at all.

  15. Jean Alphin says:

    I’m in this position now,trying to come up with something to blog about. My mind seems to go blank. I know their are plenty of things to blog about ,until I try to start and I don’t have a clue.(no I don’t drink) lol

  16. sillyliss says:

    I didn’t realize you were freshly pressed with this one. Way to go!

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  18. justincaynon says:

    I really love this post, I pretty much had the same experience with blogging only it started when I was 14 or so. I had a different drinking experience and often didn’t want anyone to know I was drunk or drinking when I was even though I was of age at the time.

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