This One’s for All the Bloggers Out There

So this is what a hangover is. I don’t remember this picture being taken. Why am I putting this on the internet?

I was eating a PB&J out of tinfoil during class and thinking about blogging, as I often do. I had recently read a friend’s blog that he just started a few months ago and doesn’t update very often. Its future doesn’t look good—a few more months it will likely become another blog corpse silently occupying net space.  As I read his first tentative posts, I was reminded of my own blogging beginnings that stretch back to my senior year of high school.

It was a secret blog, called The Drevet (now deleted), and I posted a mere two times. The first one was the obligatory and awkward, “Hello world,” in which it seemed I was preparing to face all of humanity and be utterly rejected. It was the kind of introduction that set the bar so low even I couldn’t reach it. After only two months I stopped thinking about The Drevet and life moved on.

As I continued to reminisce and munch on my sandwich, I stumbled across another phase of beginnings: college. At this point, I suddenly realized the striking similarity between getting drunk for the first time and blogging for the first time.

When I first overindulged, not a moment before I turned twenty one (wink), I was fascinated with the very experience of it. “Wow,” I thought, “so this is what being drunk is like.”  It didn’t matter what came next in the evening because we were already having an awesome time through the act of inebriation itself, which was to us was inherently interesting.

In the beginning, I was also captivated by the phenomenon of blogging. The fact I could publish whatever I wanted for strangers to read and maybe enjoy was both thrilling and terrifying. And just as newbies feel awkward around alcohol, like they’re doing something taboo and exciting, I would get nervous in front of the computer screen, staring at the blank blog post box and wondering what I would say to the world. What if someone actually read it?

As a baby lush, I felt the constant need to discuss my level of sloshedness with my fellow drinkers, “I’m not drunk guys,” “Do I seem drunk?”  “I’m drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk,” etc. To everyone else this kind of blathering indicated it was time to change conversation partners. The more experienced drinkers had already found out that being drunk is not interesting or special, but to me the topic was endlessly engrossing for everyone and worth repeating dozens of time in the same night.

Similarly, in the first blog posts, I was self conscious about the fact I was blogging and tended to talk about the act itself, how it was hard to think of something to write or that I didn’t think anyone was reading it (no one was), and the end result was that I wouldn’t say anything at all and my predictions would come true. And just like a group of okay friends that get drunk at home hoping for something exciting to happen and then end up going to bed early, I wasted the potential of blogging by using it in a sarcastic and apathetic manner, only to defeat myself in the end.

Through many unfortunate nights and some unfortunate blogposts, I learned the real magic comes with a critical combination of both substance and medium: blogging and content, or alcohol and activities. But like most things, this is the kind of lesson that one must learn through their own experience, though we hope for our own sakes that newcomers learn it before anyone heads to the bathroom to vomit.

And my metaphorical vomiting days aren’t over yet. I will always be learning both how to drink better and how to blog better.

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762 thoughts on “This One’s for All the Bloggers Out There

  1. Sony Fugaban says:

    So am I … See, it’s comforting to know that, through the earlier comments, I learned how professional writers (or EDITOR), still commit “those” errors. HORROR sounds a lot better.

    Enjoyed every word of your post. For my most, I have metaphorical vomiting and sloshedness. They look and sound as fresh as your face on that pic. You’re so pretty for that “hangover” pic. Hey, that’s a compliment, OK? 😉

  2. madhaus7 says:

    I love the term “blog corpse.” That says it all! Great analogy here. I wonder if we all started blogs with that awful “hello world” strategy. I know my first post was super awkward and went nowhere. Thankfully, the more you write the more you come into your voice and figure out how to entertain while capturing your style. Funny, humorous post. Congrats on the fresh press!

  3. Nice post. I’ve been at the blogging business since 2005, but sometimes it seems brand new. There are often times I am not sure what to write, and at times I write about that. I am doing a creativity project that requires I post every day, but for quite a lot of my blogging history I only did it occasionally.

    I like your attitude and sense of humor. Good to read you. Keep up the good work.

  4. I appreciated your post. I just started blogging a month ago. I have been trying to be careful not to ramble on too much about my opinions so I started out very conservatively. I posted something yesterday that I felt really good about and then got wonderful feedback from my friends that they liked that I revealed myself it in. I feel like I am getting closer to knowing the right balance of information and thoughts.
    I try to review at least three Freshly Pressed blogs every day, so I have been fortunate to be able to learn from the best as I go along. It’s also nice to know that typos aren’t the end of the world : ).

    • edrevets says:

      No they’re not the end of the world but they still suck—someone emailed me and showed me one blatant typo that I hadn’t caught despite reading and re-reading, so they happen. But ultimately one is not going to hinder the message. Thanks for reading and good luck in your blogging!

  5. adl23 says:

    wow. fantastic analogy. it’s startling to run into 40-something-year-olds in a bar so smashed all they can do is tell me that they are; likewise there are also some bloggers who never seem to grow out of that “look, i’m writing a blog!” stage. but that picture is what brought me here, thinking “what a bold, brave soul for sharing a photo that represents what so many of us were feeling earlier today when we were grateful not to be seen by anyone.” you are my hangover hero!

  6. cmd1999 says:

    Love this post. I am very new to blogging myself and I am really trying to make it interesting but so far to me, it isn’t. But I have to honestly say that it is difficult for me to even have what I call a “normal” adult conversation. All I have done for the last 11 years is be a parent. I would love any tips that you have. And congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • edrevets says:

      Thanks so much! As far as tips go, I always try to write something that I would be interested in reading. While you’re out on the web, what catches your eye? Being a parent is a good place to start–there are plenty of very popular mommy and daddy blogs out there–but it doesn’t have to be where you end up. I believe it’s most important that blogging is interesting to you, because you’re the one who will spend the most time doing it. Good luck!

  7. Hmm. I still feel drunk while blogging 🙂
    My newest attempt in the blogosphere at is certain to cause some hangovers.
    Thanks for the excellent post, edrevets.

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  9. lmao this is great! I literally just started blogging like a week ago –and it does feel like I’m getting drunk for the first time all over again.. haha! btw, read my blog please and let me know what you think! do I seem drunk? lol 😉

  10. calebdb8 says:

    Wow, that was pretty good. My first blog has been deleted and forgotten (like you). My new blog has been fun for me. I plan to keep posting things that are interesting to me and see how it evolves with time. There is something to putting thoughts down, publishing them, and wondering who will ever take a look at it…

    I really did like this post. So easy to read and such a simple subject. But, I could totally relate.

    I am a bit strange because I still don’t know if I want anyone to read my blog. At least not people I know. Haha.

    Hmmm, this too shall pass. Maybe?

  11. ditchthebun says:

    When you first realised you had been freshly pressed did you think, one of the following:
    b) Why did they have to like it the day I posted the hungover picture
    c) I should have invented a special happy dance for this moment

    Hahaha I wonder if someone has ever written a blog entirely drunk? As in will not post unless they are inebriated? Interesting social experiment I think 🙂

    • edrevets says:

      I was away on vacation and my bf saw it on his kindle and then the answer was…..b…….followed by “I HAVE SO MANY COMMENTS TO RESPOND TO!” I’m sure many a blog post has been written while inebriated…not by yours truly but based on things I’ve read I find it hard to believe everyone is sober.

  12. thethievery says:

    Oh man… The number of blogs I’ve started and left to die. I am a blog-psychopath really. (Work kills me. I kill blogs. Vicious cycle.)

    Even now that I’m finally building a healthy relationship with my current blog, I still stop and wonder – is this worth saying? Do people really need to read/know this?

    And stops me dead in my tracks about telling my friends to follow me.

    • edrevets says:

      If it’s something you would like reading then I’m sure there are people out there who would enjoy it too, especially your friends. Friends and family can also be great news-spreaders and tell other people about your blog too. Good luck!

  13. Interesting correlation, I think I went through the same thing when I started… I felt so self-conscious about blogging that I kept bringing it up in real life and on the blog. I can’t relate with you about drinking, however, because I still feel the need to tell people how drunk I am when I’m drunk 🙂

  14. Well if someone can use help with a blog it’s me, i just started mine up again this week after a 2 1/2 year absence. Thanks for making me feel less like an idiot 🙂

  15. Theo Lister says:

    Having delusions of grandeur, I’ve decided to hit the ground running with my new blog. Keeping secret blogs and ideas close to your chest stifles your creativity. Full public disclosure is best. Even for me, even though I’m naturally cagey.

    What’s the worst that will happen? You’ll get laughed at? You’ve just posted a picture of yourself hungover and everyone loves your candor. (Although I expect there were a few warm smirks)

    I’m well-versed in drunkenness, so this blogging lark’ll be a cinch.
    (Shameless plug. If I could comment with my wordpress account then there’d be no need.)

    • edrevets says:

      Evolutionarily speaking, we don’t need shame. The sooner you get rid of it, the better, especially if you blog. I hope there were tons of smirks with the hangover picture—some people had the nerve to say I looked good. DON’T LIE TO ME! I mean, I took the compliments anyways but still. Good luck with your blogging adventure. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you gracing the FP page very soon.

      • Theo Lister says:

        We only need shame in winter. Evolutionarily speaking, those people who got a bit embarrassed because they weren’t wearing clothes didn’t go out to hunt and therefore didn’t freeze their arses off.

        It’s true. I have sources.

        Oh look, a distraction!

  16. 45bullets says:

    Ha- you totally nailed it. I have been harassing my friends (who are the only ones who read my blog!) for feedback. It’s exactly like the “I’m so drunk” days..except that I was a teenager then and am MUCH more mature now 🙂

  17. introvegirl says:

    I love your post! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Maybe you could stop by and take a peek at mine!!

    Happy blogging and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  18. Sharon P. says:

    I know that feeling all too well.

  19. dirtyterry says:

    Nice essay. The proposed contrast between alcohol and blogging is very interesting. I can relate, but I once heard a wise man say, take credit for what’s in the edit. It seems more organic, but whatever gets the readship. The key is getting people to read and being heard. Blogs can make amazing venues for thought.

  20. jclfaltot says:

    Very good post. The timing couldn’t have been better as I just started a blog myself. I’ve really had trouble figuring out how to begin, what to title my posts, etc. and I’ve have just settled on writing down my thoughts for now. It’s truly a learning experience but it’s exciting to see where the ideas and posts will take you. Kind of like the vomiting. Ha! Keep up the good work with yours!

  21. seerovum says:

    “Metaphorical Vomit.” That’s a bad mental image. Please don’t allow your unicorn pup to eat that stuff or you might get something other than the butterflies.

  22. kufan9 says:

    Congratz you made on freshly pressed!
    And I like your blog too.

  23. Angie Z. says:

    Hey, I know you! I’ve seen you around here and there, that is. Great post. I can relate to so much of it, and I’ve tried (though failed once, maybe twice) to avoid ever blogging about not having anything to blog about. Groan. So many rookie mistakes to make still, if only I had more time to make them.

    Mostly, I wanted to offer you my warm congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Hooray!

    • edrevets says:

      Well shuckie darn and thanks so much. I still write all that stuff about not knowing what to blog about…I just delete before publishing. It’s not missed. Thanks for stopping by!

  24. BOTF says:

    Drunk you say! I don’t recall that I had a similair compulsion when I was drunk for the first time. Did noy like the out of contreoll aspect of navigation, never lost awarness of what I was doing though I may not have cared so much.

    Blogging for the first time is similair in the out of control aspect! Not because I can’t controll what I write, or fear sharing an opin or two or a creative exploration; rather I am totally lost in the vastness of the sea as I strive for bearings on my course. Kind of like being in an inertube on the high midnight. Maby at this time drunk would not be a bad thing,

    At near sixty five college and the things of then, they are all neatly tucked in my memory and you might consoder they are alway with you. When you build memories over that pb&j use some discernment as those memories will be there in the following years,

    And yes, I like analogies, it is by far the best way to teadch and or get a point across.I am totally new to this but I feel we error in silence when our thought is ever present. What good is a fiath unshared, an opinion kept, a love hidden or a deep sorrow held in silence. Ours is to have fellowship and interaction in communication is a necessary expression if one is to be complete.

    Never have been able to watch snot run, gotta go get a handkerchief.
    Cheers, BOTF

  25. millermoth88 says:

    I’m brand new blogger completely lost on this whole thing, loved your post tho! any advice for all of this would be helpful! 😉

  26. kamielverwer says:

    Nice metaphor. Now I think “blogger” is not an accurate denomination as it throws into one basket everything from an uncertain teenager lamenting about their acne to a politician trying to get some votes to misrecognized philosophers unable to find a publisher (me 🙂 to, well you get the idea. When someone says they are a writer we want to know novels, poetry, science, comics – it’s time the same happens to bloggers.

    • edrevets says:

      Agreed…blogging is such a wide word. It contains multitudes, as some might say. Good luck with getting published!

      • kamielverwer says:

        thanks… well, I AM published on wordpress…for me it was such a relief not to crave for a publication anymore. It’s all there. Perhaps I write literature, perhaps boring ramblings. For me what really counts is writing regularly, WP helps discipline. And also, I will convert my blog to a .MOBI or .PDF e-book to read like “real” books. And one more thing: as I work from home (translations, webdesign, stuff) it is a very welcome diversion to be creative and write every few hours. It really helps prevent feeling depressed of boring work overload.
        What do you think of that concept?

      • edrevets says:

        I completely agree–WP is great for discipline. It is what you make of it, and it can be a great tool for your craft.

  27. I have a friend that would love this smartly written analogy. She gets paranoid about what she is writing about and thinks no one will like it, but I have read her first couple of posts and they are really good. You have done a wonderful job of capturing my attention, and I will be following your posts. Great job, look forward to more. Thanks for the laugh.

  28. Rashida says:

    Hey…I love this post. I started my blog like a year ago. I have a purpose, what I believe is good content, and people occasionally reading. The only thing is, I sometimes come to a topic roadblock and I don’t get the response I’d like to get. How long did it take you to develop an audience? Also, could you check out my blog and give me pointers?

    Thanks. Btw, I’m subscribing to you. Ur sense of humor is awesome.

    • edrevets says:

      Thanks a lot for subscribing—-as far as developing an audience, I didn’t really start to get one until I began reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. Seek and you will be found. I’d love to stop by your blog sometime soon.

  29. Meri says:

    What strikes me as making this an effective blog is your courage in revealing something personal about yourself (i.e., getting drunk) and that’s something we can all relate to.

    I often struggle with this dilemma. I maintain two blogs and one is highly political (and therefore, attracts the haters) while the other is more lighthearted. (At least I try to keep it that way.) I blog because I need to. (Pathetic, isn’t it?) But yeah, I’ve been writing most of my life ’cause I feel a mad desire to express what I think. And, frankly, most people don’t want to listen to my verbal rants and ravings on my theories as to why we’re all here and what’s right or wrong with the world. So I blog out my ideas (rather than talk about them) and then I feel better. Yet sometimes I stay away from the blogosphere as I fret (probably needlessly, as I’m not exactly famous) about how much I should reveal about myself. Should I reveal the city and state in which I reside? My legal name? The type of work I do? What if my current employer comes across my blog?

    Yep, I’m overthinking it all. We have to take risks in life and writing a blog is sort of a written performance. Some ppl will like it. Some won’t. But that’s a risk we all need to take. If we want to reach out and interact with the world, we need to understand that not all of the world is going to be receptive and pleasant toward us. So while I remain cautious about revealing certain things, I’ve learned (from blogs like yours) that we do need to be honest and forthright about some things ’cause otherwise our blogs won’t be interesting and other people won’t be able to relate to what we have to say.

    • edrevets says:

      Thanks for the well thought out and interesting comment. It’s important to decide how much information you’re willing to reveal about yourself, and much of this has to do with the stated purpose of the blog itself. Good luck to you as you continue discovering!

  30. asoulwalker says:

    I love analogies. This one is interesting. Thank you.

  31. chirayur says:

    Maybe you were still drunk when you posted on net(hangover pic)… cheers!

    My blog’s dying soon too, i guess 😦

  32. rtd14 says:

    I’m new to blogging. I thought about it for two or three years before I actually started one because I wanted to have interesting material for an audience. Your post resonates. I had a private blog when I was a journalist. As a writer, I created a crossbred of fiction and nonfiction in writing for small town newspapers. Of course I didn’t have time to keep up with it. I recently started one that is open to the public and about writing and books. Every blogger feels as you’ve said at one point in their lives.

    • edrevets says:

      And the good thing about blogging is that we can all share these experiences…through our bogs. Good luck!

      • rtd14 says:

        I was uncertain about what I wanted to share, and I learned a lot more about blogging working as a journalist. It was only after I began writing articles for a business blogs that I finally decided to create a public one. It is wonderful you are using your platform to encourage others!!!

  33. So I am confused. Is blogging like a record label? Phony? Where you tailor your post to what’s trending, kind of like a record label tailors an artist and their music for sales to a market that’s hot. Because those artist aren’t real artist. The real artist makes music they are passionate about. They would love for people to like it but it’s not why they wrote it it’s because they themselves love it and believe it period. And I think that’s what a blog should be just write what you love, believe, and are passionate about and you will get substance and medium: blogging and content. Ha, Ha, I better stick to my own blog I might be swimming in the deep end of the pool over here.

    • edrevets says:

      Well you’re welcome in my pool as well. If you write with passion and care then people will dig it. The audience doesn’t make the message—someone smart said that.

  34. pgdejonge says:

    Ah, the blogger and his navelgazing ways. I think there is a large part of narcissism in blogging, so there will always be a sense of meta-blogging or something.

    The act of blogging assumes that you want to be heard and that you think you are worth hearing. Public acts like this always seem to trigger some sort of personal response from the actor (at least it does for me).

    And drunk people are awesomely funny.

    • edrevets says:

      Drunk people can be funny, yes.

      The thing is no one has a right to be heard…this has to be earned. And some people truly are worth hearing and there’s nothing wrong with thinking you have something good to say.

      • pgdejonge says:

        Oh, please don’t get me wrong. There’s definitely nothing wrong with thinking you have something to say. Especially if you actually have something to say and can say it eloquently.

        Doesn’t everyone have a right to be heard? I find the idea of rights a little strange. What does something like a right to be heard entail?

      • edrevets says:

        On no! I think I did get you wrong….okay we’re on the same page then. I guess what I mean is that the fact someone has a blog doesn’t mean people will read it.

        I don’t know if that equates to the right to be heard. The two must be different. What do you think?

      • pgdejonge says:

        Dunno. How would you divorce the right to be heard from the right to free expression? What would be the difference?

        Does it have something to do with someone paying actual attention to what you say? Because I don’t even know if that’s a right. Unless, of course, you count oppressed people (or similar instances). Which just brings us back around to- Do you have something to say?

        Feels quite circular to me.

  35. Ryan Sprout says:

    Drinking and blogging’s the way to go!

  36. I like this a lot as I can relate to the drinking allegory and the first blogs I wrote. My first blogs were very stilted and self conscious but the more I blogged the more confident I became; and after a month or two I was publishing snippets of my WIP and short stories.

    Well done on a great post and being FPd and good luck for your future blogging. 😉


  37. Robin M. says:

    I’m an artist and it never occurred to me to paint and drink….but , then again, I’m good at that. I’m new to blogging, so maybe I should try drinking and blogging!
    Cute post, write on!

  38. hadass420 says:

    Hehe! I remember when I first started blogging in December 2004. I didn’t want to start with the usual Hello World post, because anyways I was too high. So I wrote a short paragraph about my being high and unable to write anything coherent enough. It was on MSN Spaces, and I wrote there quite a bit, but then stopped when I tested my writer’s abilities with indie media and fanzines. Last year, I got a message from MSN saying that I need to transfer my Space to WordPress or it would be deleted. So I did, and then reread all my older posts and got so excited about it that I started blogging again. This explains why my archives go all the way back to December 2004.
    I first got drunk when I was 16 (Montreal isn’t too strict about carding), but it’s not my thing. To me, writing (blogging included) is like getting a tattoo. It may be painful at times, but gives this ultimate sense of satisfaction and elation, and the end result is always beautiful 🙂

  39. misedukate says:

    Nice post. I am like the noob blogger. If anyone can help me get traffic please do. I get motivated by traffic otherwise I lose focus to quickly. I am an ADHD blogger lol though my blog is not about that. hehe

    • edrevets says:

      Everyone starts out a nOOb. Some advice from my own experience: a. have content you’re proud of, and b. comment on other people’s blogs. May your traffic grow!

      • Abbadon1701 says:

        Thank you for your good advice – truly, a concept is something one should have and this means, you’ll have to think of one first. I never really consciously considered that. Just blogged ‘on the fly’ whatever came up my mind – just the same way I live(d) my (whole) life. That works… for some time at least.

        Now we’re moving on from blogging to lifestyle ^^. This is really fascinating!

        Thank you again 😉

      • misedukate says:

        Thanks a lot. I will do for sure. I am currently trying to make my blog a little nicer with themes but there isn’t much choice I’m afraid. Never mind. I’ll find something. Thank you for your good advice. Love Kate xo

      • misedukate says:

        thanks – yours too!

  40. Abbadon1701 says:

    Wow! This is all growing quick and fast and all… I’m a blogger from Germany and I only write in German, sorry. But it’s real fun reading here for me, too.

    It sometimes keeps me up all night – like today. But though I’m blogging the same kinda undead blog eversince 2009 … well, I keep it up. Don’t know, seems I’m kind of slow in everything and especially this part of the world, which is so fast, I feel like drowning…

    Well, I just wanted to say, how much I liked reading your post, thank you 🙂

    by the way: I never had the guts to talk about blogging itself like you just did – the reasons are all being said already – so this be my big THANKS! to all of you!

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