This One’s for All the Bloggers Out There

So this is what a hangover is. I don’t remember this picture being taken. Why am I putting this on the internet?

I was eating a PB&J out of tinfoil during class and thinking about blogging, as I often do. I had recently read a friend’s blog that he just started a few months ago and doesn’t update very often. Its future doesn’t look good—a few more months it will likely become another blog corpse silently occupying net space.  As I read his first tentative posts, I was reminded of my own blogging beginnings that stretch back to my senior year of high school.

It was a secret blog, called The Drevet (now deleted), and I posted a mere two times. The first one was the obligatory and awkward, “Hello world,” in which it seemed I was preparing to face all of humanity and be utterly rejected. It was the kind of introduction that set the bar so low even I couldn’t reach it. After only two months I stopped thinking about The Drevet and life moved on.

As I continued to reminisce and munch on my sandwich, I stumbled across another phase of beginnings: college. At this point, I suddenly realized the striking similarity between getting drunk for the first time and blogging for the first time.

When I first overindulged, not a moment before I turned twenty one (wink), I was fascinated with the very experience of it. “Wow,” I thought, “so this is what being drunk is like.”  It didn’t matter what came next in the evening because we were already having an awesome time through the act of inebriation itself, which was to us was inherently interesting.

In the beginning, I was also captivated by the phenomenon of blogging. The fact I could publish whatever I wanted for strangers to read and maybe enjoy was both thrilling and terrifying. And just as newbies feel awkward around alcohol, like they’re doing something taboo and exciting, I would get nervous in front of the computer screen, staring at the blank blog post box and wondering what I would say to the world. What if someone actually read it?

As a baby lush, I felt the constant need to discuss my level of sloshedness with my fellow drinkers, “I’m not drunk guys,” “Do I seem drunk?”  “I’m drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk,” etc. To everyone else this kind of blathering indicated it was time to change conversation partners. The more experienced drinkers had already found out that being drunk is not interesting or special, but to me the topic was endlessly engrossing for everyone and worth repeating dozens of time in the same night.

Similarly, in the first blog posts, I was self conscious about the fact I was blogging and tended to talk about the act itself, how it was hard to think of something to write or that I didn’t think anyone was reading it (no one was), and the end result was that I wouldn’t say anything at all and my predictions would come true. And just like a group of okay friends that get drunk at home hoping for something exciting to happen and then end up going to bed early, I wasted the potential of blogging by using it in a sarcastic and apathetic manner, only to defeat myself in the end.

Through many unfortunate nights and some unfortunate blogposts, I learned the real magic comes with a critical combination of both substance and medium: blogging and content, or alcohol and activities. But like most things, this is the kind of lesson that one must learn through their own experience, though we hope for our own sakes that newcomers learn it before anyone heads to the bathroom to vomit.

And my metaphorical vomiting days aren’t over yet. I will always be learning both how to drink better and how to blog better.

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762 thoughts on “This One’s for All the Bloggers Out There

  1. maryfollowsthelamb says:

    Okay then…

  2. Sirrom says:

    I am always surprised on days when people read my blog.

    I am a writer (Published but still have a day job). My blog is an extension of that. My friends and family read it. I don’t ‘talk’ much about my writing in person, but my blog lets them see my process.

  3. Great post, I too had the ‘original blog’ experience where it just fizzled out, I think many of us did!

  4. As a new blogger I recognise a lot of my own behaviours in what you describe. I also find myself constantly blogging in my head. Seriously if my head had some sort of thought recognition software I would be extremely prolific. Thanks for your post. I will try hard not to blog about blogging!

    • edrevets says:

      For me, everything is blog fodder. My family accuses me of using them for my blog constantly, but secretly I think they like it.

      Be true to yourself and put something out there you would want to read. Good luck!

  5. serolmar says:

    It seems to me that drinking and blogging are a strange combination though I know people that feel inspired after get drunk. Interesting.

  6. Vince Chough says:

    Is this analogy or is this life? Intriguing, but scary. I know because I’ve been there… the not interesting part gains momentum until it just gets lonely despite the frenetic pace.

    Keep it honest and real… but really honest and really real and you will find your way home.

  7. Love this! This is so me! I spend so much time worrying and thinking about blogging, and usually end up not doing too. However, I do seem to manage to find the time for wine ;). Congrats on freshly pressed!

  8. jansyluvzu says:

    I know right, I’m still a newbie and wonder every post if people will even read it…do they even bother…

  9. rogerdcolby says:

    I have only been blogging since December and I’m 42 years old, and no I don’t know the answer to life, the universe and everything…especially blogging. Thank you so much for this post. I’ll keep at it, blogging every day, working on my book every day, stumbling through my day job every day. One day I’ll be “freshly pressed”. I just know it.

  10. LUGS says:

    keep drinking, you’ll get the hang of it!! 🙂

  11. Omg … I’m not the only one who drinks and blogs. The wine never collects dust, nor does my blog. Great post, thank you and Congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  12. Steven Wantz says:

    Interesting comparison. You could go further and say that the beverages, in which we drink to become inebriated, vary, as do the topics of the blogs we post.

    • edrevets says:

      And the fact that the prices we pay for the drinks vary according to the state we drink them because of taxes is like….nope I’ve lost it. Yours was better.

      • Steven Wantz says:

        Don’t worry, I had to look up my comment because I was actually drunk when I posted it, so I forgot what I posted. Glad it worked out 😉

  13. skitalica says:

    so well-written, were you writing it drunk? j/k! great parallels

  14. The first time I got roaring drunk and had a hangover was at the World’s Fair in Seattle — many, many years ago — burp! Yes, I threw up on the bar counter and my brother had to take me back to the dorm. Those were the days. (When I took my suit jacket to the dry cleaner, he just nodded and said, “You want the vomit cleaned off I suppose?” But I was in no mood to whip out a suitable retort.)

    How often do you get drunk now that you are no longer a newbie?

  15. Interesting, relating blogging to drinking. I will have to think about that. I tend to think of it as more related to sobriety – that i want my blog to be my rock of coherence in an increasingly intoxicated and meaningless life.

    Good post.

  16. I might not completely agree with you. I do like the analogy between blogging and drinking, unless blogging is two-time action: we write AND read.
    It cannot work otherwise. I see it as a bi-phase alcohol, because I do feel abstinence when there’s nothing to read, much more than when I have nothing to write. Ain’t you all feel it?

  17. jimcolv says:

    Yeah, I must admit, I haven’t quite got a handle on it all. I’ve posted about 45 blogs over the past two years and I still wonder if anybody even cares about what I post.

    I’ve come to the realization that while it would be nice to have feedback and more visitors to my blog, that it’s not all that necessary and won’t deter me any. I use my blog as a way of releasing my thoughts into the universe; it’s my therapy.

    But hey, you got a new follower in me. I enjoy your style of writing.

  18. eesh says:

    I love this. I totally get that weird anxiety before doing a post. I usually read it over about a 1000 times just to make sure it all sounds good/flows- and thank god I haven’t found myself drunk blogging yet… that would be dangerous.

  19. goodoldgirl says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. It made me look at blogging in a different way and come to my own conclusion about it.

    I think setting up a blog is like drinking but blogging is more like vomiting up what you drank.

    Not a pretty picture I know.

  20. leena77 says:

    This is an awesome welcomed blog for me. As a “newbie” I’m trying to keep up with the blogging. Sometimes I feel just as you said and I am terrified that my blog will soon become non existent. It’s funny how I have soooo much to say and yet…. I never blog about it. I’ve been reading several different blogs and realize that it can be done. I CAN do this and I have to stop being so fearful. Love this blog. Thanks 🙂

  21. CubicleViews says:

    As a “blogger” who just hit his 6 mos anniversary of blogging, this rings true. To continue your analogy…
    I feel like I’m just starting to get comfy in drinking mixed drinks – they kinda taste good (or so I tell my friends). I keep coming back to the bar (blog) to mix it up with friends, but still am looking to make it as a regular.

    • edrevets says:

      A lovely continuation. One of the best parts of blogging is getting to know others. I hope you meet the other regulars. Except for Larry. That guy sucks.

  22. City Chick says:

    I must admit, I’ve only been drunk once–in college when I had to present my design to an outside jury. I had no regrets. The alcohol was the only thing that got me through that experience. However, I feel “morning after” embarrassment EVERY time I post a new blog. Go figure…

    • edrevets says:

      Hahaha it’s a good thing we’re drunk when we do all of that crazy stuff or else there’d be no way to handle it. Blogging on the other hand…well…good luck! I’m sure others appreciate what you write.

  23. you’ve come a long way kid. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  24. Ria Gandhi says:

    hahahaha..hilarious post! really great analogy! loved loved loved it!

  25. dfountain11 says:

    This is great! It’s exactly how I was feeling about blogging when I started. You captured the emotions and struggles so eloquently, with a perfect example! Thanks (:

  26. The only problem with blogging is that you antagonise some people. And some of them will go so far like the anonymous caller this morning who insulted me because of my blogs:

  27. “The Hangover” blogging style…I can see it now.

  28. Hangovers aren’t cool and it’s not funny. Your body’s trying to tell you that it’s being hurt, that’s why people feel so bad after drinking. Connie

  29. This is HYSTERICAL. I can see many similarities between blogging and drunkenness; does any one else experience “morning after” embarrassment, post-blog-publishing?


  30. Roly says:

    Enjoyed the post. Most newbies feel just like that until they spend time reading and commenting on others blogs. Hard work pays off in the end.

  31. Archon's Den says:

    You’re right! If uncle gets a look at these posts, there’ll be a lot of, “Very interesting”. Fascinating, educational, entertaining,….and you look great in the morning, even hung over. If only I were 21 again. Hell, I’d settle for having a 21 year old female look at me, and not run away screaming.

  32. Very well crafted analogy. And it is surprisingly difficult not to discuss the act of blogging throughout those first blogs.

    By the by – I don’t know if you saw, but you’re one of the finalists for the “What’s the worst question you could get asked in a job interview?”, so you should definitely vote for yourself 20 or 30 times.

    • edrevets says:

      I agree. When I first started blogging, every time I went for a post I was like “what am I doing…what is this…must talk about it must talk about it must talk about it” etc.

      And there’s nothing wrong with that, because it is interesting to some people, but eventually we have to move on, and then come back to it later.

      Also, let the self-voting begin…..

  33. Audrey says:

    Who knew that blogging and drinking were so similar? It’s actually a pretty good analogy. And yes, how is it that you don’t look like death when you’re hungover?

  34. clownonfire says:

    “I was eating a PB&J out of tinfoil during class and thinking about blogging.”

    That itself was a whole blog post.


  35. Lady Sensory says:

    One could practice drinking and blogging at the same time. That’s called multi-tasking. I suppose you could also call it ‘drogging.’ Only truly skilled champions should drink and publish though.

  36. I blog because I’m delusional and I have a pathological need to be the center of attention. Any questions?
    But seriously, insightful and well written post, with a lot that I can relate to. It’s kinda cool to get a glimpse of the more serious side of you. But don’t let me stop you from being humorous in uniquely bizarre ways, cause that’s pretty cool too!

  37. El Guapo says:

    I think most bloggers question their approach and reasons for blogging at some point.
    I’m curious – in what way have you been defeating yourself?

    Oh, also – you look much better hung over than I do the times I get up in that condition. Or as I call it, “the times I have to go to work”.

    • edrevets says:

      Haha I can’t see how anyone thinks this picture looks good—oh Hungary, I will remember you fondly.

      When I started this blog I had much more of a sense of purpose than when I started my first one. The premise of my first one was that the whole thing was a waste of time for everyone involved, and ultimately, I want to believe that what I put on the internet is not a complete waste of time. If I go in saying that, then who will take the time to read if I don’t even believe it’s worth the time I take to write.

    • edrevets says:

      Thanks so much, Guap! I really do appreciate it—may the entertainment continue!

    • wakeupgethealthy says:

      Yes, you are right about questioning the approach and reason for blogging. My passion is to empower people with information for better health and financial freedom. So my approach so far has been to look for other writers topics and I then present my comments that in most cases I go deeper into explaining what I feel the writer missed that its critical in understanding for instance “Brain Declines At Age 45” or the suject of “Heart Disease And The Vaccine Connection”

      Take afew minutes and visit my blog and read these 2 topics and you will understand what I mean.

      About your picture and blogging under the influence, I will say this and that is that you are very brave and courageous for having uploaded your darling picture. In everything you do and say your LOVE shines through. Keep your blogging fire burning sweetie. You are doing it right.

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