Snotting Gold, Pure Gold.

As of last Thursday, I was graciously nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by one blogger known as Leo Rex.  With pride and a bit of trepidation, I now join the legions of bloggers who have also received said award. Though we number in the thousands, let us not forget the hundreds of thousands of bloggers who are still versatile blogger award-less. To these undecorated participants in the blogosphere, I say:

“One day someone besides your mother or father will read your blog, have a blog themselves, and decide to nominate you for this award. That day might not be soon, and we might be able to inject internet into our veins by then and have mandatory blogs that are monitored by the World Government, and these awards might even be handed out by that same government organization in order to keep up the illusion of free will and creativity, but the day will come, so hang in there.”

As per the award guidelines, I shall proceed to nominate some other blogs for the award and talk about myself. With further ado, here are the blogs that I nominate for this award. I realize that many, if not all of them, have received this award before and I’m not sorry for renominating them. They should know that I sincerely enjoy reading their blog and who cares if the versatile blogger award links pile up in their comment boxes like dusty term papers in the office of a professor who is having an out of state affair. Also, if you haven’t heard of them you might like them too.

1. Damp Squid-Recently fresh pressed. Well done, fellow blogging comrade.

2. The Good Greatsby: Getting the word out about this blog is like spreading news about Lady Gaga.

3. El Guapo: He writes limericks sometimes. You’ve been warned.

4. Linda Vernon Humor: Humor you can write home about.

5. The Life and Times of Nathan Bradley: I’ve found it good for the ha has.

6. @Grumpy Comments: Sunny D in blog form. Just kidding. It’s a grumpy-funny fest.

7. The Waiting: I hope her baby will be able to write as well as her.

8. Your Stupid Advice: Great for those times you want to be berated for asking the questions you were afraid to ask.

And now I get to shamelessly share facts about myself.

1. My first unrequited love was Conan O’Brien.

2. I only have 4 pills left in the course of antibiotics I’m taking for my ear infection.

3. When I lived in Denver, I would steal quarters from my Dad’s wooden fish bowl that he kept change in. I was only 4 or 5 but I felt guilty about that for a long time. This is my confession to him.

4. This might be a little gross but I like to watch the hair accumulate in my hairbrushes so I can see how much I’ve been shedding. When I finally clean it out it looks like a bird’s nest.

5. Sometimes I use my sister’s toothbrushes without asking/telling them. This usually happens when I don’t want to get my own toothbrush out after I get back from traveling.

6. I like to eat most foods with my little spoon. I try not to be possessive of it, but one time I saw someone eating with it and I had to suppress anger.

7. If I could, I would wear the same outfit every day. This outfit would include a helmet.

Thanks for the award, Leo Rex!

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6 thoughts on “Snotting Gold, Pure Gold.

  1. El Guapo says:

    Congratulations and thank you.
    Rock On, edrevets.

    And where can I get this “internet injection” of which you speak. I googled it and am pretty sure that’s not what you were talking about…

  2. The Waiting says:

    Cool, thanks very much. I really love your blog too so it means a lot that you would pass it on to me. I had a big crush in Conan too when I was in college. I really can’t explain it. I think it may’ve been because he resembled a youngish professor I had who was rumored to have had numerous affairs with students. Who doesn’t want to have an affair with a prof? Actually, probably a lot of people. Hmmm.

    • edrevets says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog!

      Re: Conan- It was difficult to explain my obsession with him and his gangly figure, pale skin, angular features, and red hair.
      Re: Professor- We’ve definitely all wanted to have an affair with a professor. Don’t doubt it.

  3. Spectra says:

    Ah. The Versatile Blogger Award. STAND BACK!! IT’S A TRAP!

    Here’s my rotten take on it:

    ’nuff said. But congrats, anyway 😀

    • edrevets says:

      I completely agree with your comments. The reward itself is almost meaningless but I accept your congratulations nevertheless and also enjoyed taking the opportunity to talk about myself. Who doesn’t love that?

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