Maid of Honor’s Daily Drudge Report

This is before it started raining on our morale.

I’m currently in Chicagoland doing a mediocre job of handling wedding mania and a better job of eating restaurant food. The wedding still doesn’t seem real to me yet, but then again neither does the whole of the United States of America. This is what happens when you live in Cairo for a year. My apologies for erratic blogging and comment responding.

It turns out that all the time I thought I would have this week for innovative and fun blog concepts has been absorbed by family and soon-to-be-family. It’s not a nightmare, but it would be if I didn’t have internet at all. I look forward to being able to update everyone—or not—next week. It depends on where my whimsical flights of fancy fly me.

Sometimes at night I have visions of strange animals. I remember one night in Ethiopia I saw a bat that had the mouth appendages of a cricket or a spider. If there is anyone who would like to interpret this in a positive manner for me, please shoot me an email and address it “Your Wondrous Vision and the Miraculous Signs it Portends.”

Tomorrow is the bachelorette party. This town has never heard so many sassy bachelorette giggles. We’re doing a bunch of secret things for my sister and I think I’m going to wear my new cowgirl boots, which are cowboy boots for girls.

Recently I’ve been thinking that “Supper” would make a fetching girl’s name. I have fond memories of the word supper and think that the syllabalic structure is quite appealing. Speaking of words, did you watch the National Spelling Bee semi-finals tonight? How much would it cost to get one of those kids to babysit me?

I’m listening to the rain on the roof here in Chicagoland and realizing it’s a sound I haven’t heard in a long time. All things considered, rain isn’t that bad. This hotel music, however, is another story, as well as body odor, and eating while you have to go to the bathroom.

That’s the report for tonight. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to update tomorrow after the bacheloretocalypse, but if I don’t, you can count on something for next Monday.

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20 thoughts on “Maid of Honor’s Daily Drudge Report

  1. NEVER apologize for not blogging!

    • edrevets says:

      I agree. Done and done. You’ll never see it again, and if you do, I give you my permission to hack into my account and delete this blog itself.

  2. Weddings can be a lot of fun, as long as they aren’t yours. I have relatives that live up and around Chicago. I also love listening to the rain, and even the lightening and thunder that often goes with it. I almost named my daughter April May, as she came on April 19th, but my wife thought I was crazy. So have fun in Chicagoland, and don’t party too much… Well wishes to your sister. Have a super fun week.

    • edrevets says:

      The week was great! My parents had contemplated naming us three April, May, and June, or Opal, Pearl, and Ruby just for kicks, but then they went with lame names. It happens.

  3. tedstrutz says:

    Wow… I didn’t know you were in the US. Used to live in Chicago… Try to have fun, Emily. Be sure to post a pic in of you in your Maid’s dress

  4. I’m not at all surprised that you’re bogged down with wedding mania, and have very little time for blogging. Sometimes I think that if during WWII, Allied Forces had tried to add planning a wedding to the Invasion of Normandy on D-Day, the logistics would have become overwhelming, and the entire operation would have failed.

    But hey, we your loyal fans will wait for your return, even if it takes a while. It’s not we’re going anywhere – we’re bloggers and we’ll be right here where you left us, still blogging. Lol

  5. cassiebehle says:

    Cowgirl boots are cowboy boots for girls? Nothing about this seems right…I’m going to go consult Wikipedia.

  6. tomwisk says:

    Welcome back. I don’t envy your task ahead. I can’t plan a nap. Just found out my oldest niece, the teacher, is getting married. To a guy who works in software, go figure.

  7. sillyliss says:

    Supper sounds a lot like Soda. I was going to name my daughter Cassandra Cabaret, but fate (i.e., the husband) said it was not to be.

    • edrevets says:

      Cassandra’s such a pretty, romantic name! Maybe upcoming child? Maybe pet? Maybe fictional character in novel/blog post? Don’t let it die!

  8. I love the rain!
    If I had to go too long without it, I’d probably snap and start stabbing things.

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