What is “Fax Machine?”

I’m trying to get back to San Francisco in July. Yes I got back yesterday, but yes I loved it and yes I want to live out there just like the rest of the dreamers in the world. A large man at a bakery told me to come back when I made it big and buy a cupcake from him so now I definitely have to go back. He awaits me with his floppy hat and the cupcake.

Unfortunately, I’ve found myself in the awkward position of having no money. This sad fact has led me to Craig’s list as I search for the likely-lethal ride share possibilities. I’m also considering the safer yet more complicated method of using frequent flier miles, which got me out to SF in the first place.

Scared of Craig’s list, I began trying to rack up my miles in earnest. After cashing in on all possible miles with Delta, I still found myself short a cute 30,000 miles for a reward trip. Disappointed but not yet defeated, I turned my sights towards American Airlines.

I hadn’t earned any miles for my first trip to Cairo last May, which could put me just over 12.5K miles, the minimum amount for a reward trip. “They owe me,” I thought. I also thought, “This will be easy. Flight problem solved. Next step: find a puppy and an apartment.” As I found out later, the puppy will have to wait.

So I hunted through the back logs of my emails, scrutinized all of the numbers that lay within the ones pertaining to flight information, and found everything I thought I needed. Success was at hand. I could see the California sun, the blue water of the bay reflecting its golden rays. I filled in the information for the first leg of the journey, feeling cocky. Then came the second leg, carried by Royal Jordanian.

As soon as I selected the name of that carrier, this message came up: “Mileage credit requests for this airline must be submitted via fax. Please send a copy of your ticket receipt and boarding pass(es) to 1-817-963-7882.”

Excuse me? Did I read my screen correctly? You want me to fax something? As in, use a fax machine to transmit information? How about instead of faxing anything, I build a time machine and go back to rescue American Airlines from where it is clearly trapped in the past. I could bring their executive leadership into the year 2012 where we have things like scanners and internet.

Also, when they say boarding passes, do they mean those pieces of trash with numbers and my seat number on them that I have to show the person in front of the jetbridge in order to get on the plane? The ones I usually crumple, fill with gum, or tear apart before absent mindedly shoving them into the pocket of the seat in front of me? Surely they don’t mean those things?

All of this archaic nonsense makes it seem like they don’t want me to get these miles. It’s almost like they want me to pay for a flight. But I’ve never heard of a large, failing corporation acting against the interests of the consumer, so that certainly can’t be it.

I guess it’s back to Craig’s list.

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5 thoughts on “What is “Fax Machine?”

  1. Linda Vernon says:

    Ha ha! Thank you for giving us just the funny fax (sorry, it’s Friday). You really lucked out on the weather as it is pouring down rain here now. Keep working on those miles, the Craig’s list guy seems a tad sketchy (as my kids say) and holey (not in a religious way). 🙂

  2. Haha fax? So 80’s! They need to sort that right out. Just don’t hitch with a bearded man 🙂

  3. El Guapo says:

    sure, that guy looks fine. You’ll either end up with a great story to launch your literary career, or be a footnote as “victim number 5”.
    Microsoft has a built in fax. You can scan your doc, then hook up your pc/laptop to a phone line and fax it.

    Glad you were so moved by SF. It really is beautiful out there. Bet the cupcakes are good too.

    • edrevets says:

      Oh I’m sure the cupcakes are delicious. Thanks for the faxing information—unfortunately I definitely threw away my boarding passes. I’m considering calling American and complaining for a good bit and seeing where that gets me.

      And then there’s always that gypsy guy. Odds are nothing will go wrong.

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