Don’t say no to Panda

I ate Sudanese food for the first time tonight and it was amazing.

We exited the metro station, walked about a block, went behind the crumbling wall of a half-built building, wound around an alley filled with sand, and entered a restaurant, the very definition of a hole in the wall. We ate chicken with sauce, meat with sauce, beans with sauce, lentils with sauce, chewy bread with sauce, and roasted whole Nile fish. Unfortunately, the word sauce doesn’t quite convey how delicious it tasted but just take my word for it: the spices were mixed up just right. The fish was also incredible…I plucked hot meat right off the ribs of a fish that someone had just strangled in the Nile itself. What a beautiful thing.

Next week roomies and I are starting a schedule where one of us takes one night a week to cook so hopefully I’ll start getting nourishment soon in the home. I don’t know the nutritional information of Hobnobs but I’m sure a diet solely relying on them is a quick route to scurvy.

This commercial for Panda Cheese, an Egyptian brand of cheese, is really funny. Enjoy.

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One thought on “Don’t say no to Panda

  1. Lucy says:

    Good lord that Panda is kinda creepy

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