Still at the airport

My flight to New York has been delayed 75 minutes, leaving me with a scant hour and 15 minutes to make my connection at JFK.

In the meantime, I’ve facebooked and emailed everyone I possibly could, finally resorting to opening up my nook to begin reading. It feels so productive it’s disgusting, but I also recognize that I am now superior to other airport patrons who are drooling as they read their cosmopolitans.

For dinner: an egg and cheese on croissant from Dunkin’ Donuts alongside a small coffee with milk and one splenda. Why did I ever consider getting anything else? In what world would I actually enjoy some kind of Chinese sludge or Italian cheese and crust balls instead of my sweet, faithful Dunkin Donuts. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

I hope I get to New York. I hope I make my flight. If not, I’m staying with Rodney Roth and his mom.

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Snot Back

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