At the airport

Turns out you need a visa to go to Egypt. I had a mild panic attack when it seemed there was some trouble with the fact I didn’t technically “have” one of these. However, I reassured the nice gentleman that I would be able to get one in the airport once I was there and gently laughed away his insistence that I would need one for longer than thirty days. “I can just get it renewed….” I chuckled.

So I got through eventually, but not before bundling up my curtains, sheets, and hangers and stuffing them into a trashcan, a direct result of the fact my bags were a little heavy. On the bright side, whatever I buy in Cairo to replace these things will probably be resplendent with all kinds of gold thread and flowers.

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2 thoughts on “At the airport

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  2. mom says:

    I miss you, too!

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