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Did You Hear the News? It’s Friday!

Attention, Attention! Today is Friday. Everyone, put on your Friday hats and Friday cloaks before heading out into the pre-weekend world, the world that’s on the cusp of relaxation for most industries (with the noted exception of the service industry except for in some locations i.e. business districts).

My Friday hat is in the shape of a duck, which reminds me of an old colleague’s haircut. What does your Friday hat look like? What does your Mom’s Friday hat look like? Have you considered wearing it? My mom won’t let me wear her Friday hat. She says it makes my skin tone worse.

It doesn’t matter what you spilled on your shirts during the week and how many loads of laundry you did or need to do or whether or not you’re certain your life is heading in the right direction because soon enough you’ll be able to forget all and immerse yourself in a world called weekend.

We don’t remember what it was like last Monday. We only remember the weekend’s promise of the perfect balance of productivity and relaxation. On the weekend, if you eat a salad and then a donut within a couple of hours, they cancel each other out.

In Weekend World, people sing and dance and make merry because Monday’s never coming OH GOD IT’S HERE.

Well that was fun I guess.

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