All I Want From My Sister’s Wedding is a New Prof Pic

My current photo….it’s been up for a year already. Time for a change.

As my sister’s wedding day approaches, preparations have ramped into full gear. Emotions are bubbling under the surface, as evidenced by my family’s facial complexions, and stress levels are ready to burst all pipes and frustrate every coping method.

I’ve also become increasingly aware that my Facebook profile picture is a little outdated. I loved the photo when I chose it about a year ago to be the face I reveal to my e-friends, but my biological facebook profile picture clock has been nagging me of late. Though I hate to say it, I believe it’s time to relegate that image to the the noble gallery of old profile pictures and choose a new one for the entire world to see and admire.

That’s why I’m looking forward to my sister’s wedding. I have a feeling that it will provide many, many opportunities for me to harvest a new profile picture, and with a professional photographer no less. I’m already devising strategies of how I can photo-bomb and otherwise dominate most of the pictures at the ceremony and reception, not to mention the photo shoot itself.

Should I bring my rubber chicken? Should I black out one of my teeth? Should I dye my hair a quirky color? Should I refuse to smile and thus garner the attention of the entire wedding party as they say in unison, “Emily! STOP IT!”

The options are truly endless.

And I’m just grateful to have a sister that’s getting married and providing not just me, but her entire family with the opportunity to spruce up their facebook timelines with tons of new pictures, both profile and non.

Let the tagging begin!

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19 thoughts on “All I Want From My Sister’s Wedding is a New Prof Pic

  1. I ADORE your current profile picture! Maybe the same pose but in wedding regalia? 😉

  2. Congratulations to your sis! Looking forward to a new wordpress pic!

  3. Your having waaay to much fun,huh…

    • edrevets says:

      And the worst part is that my sister doesn’t even get to go on a honey moon. I, on the other hand, am going on vacation to Colorado right after the wedding.

  4. Hey, I think you should know I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award.
    Details here:

    • edrevets says:

      Did you see, I liked your post to show my appreciation. But seriously, I appreciate it mucho and am glad you think my blog is lovely as balls.

  5. Emiyl says:

    Purple nurple! dye those bangs…

  6. tedstrutz says:

    I think that’s a great plan… and just think… if you don’t like any of yours… maybe your sister will take a great one, and you can just use that.

    Is this wedding actually going to happen soon???

  7. artzent says:

    I have a chicken named Emma and no bad vibes intended she is very like you. I could watch her and her antics for hours laughing my head off. She is also a very beautiful, strong, and gifted personality! You will do fine at the wedding! I could loan you Emma and you could put her on a leash. That would do the trick for getting attention. lol

  8. Thanks so much for the laughter you just gave me! 🙂 I haven’t seen your current profile pic since the first time I saw it back in January, and when I saw it just now, I laughed just as much as the first time. LOL

    But I understand you thinking that it’s time for a new profile pic, and yes, a wedding is a golden opportunity to get a really good one, especially if there’s an open bar at the reception, and you get very drunk! Lol

    But now having said that, DO NOT post new profile pic until you are sober, and take this advice from one who knows… Lol

    • edrevets says:

      Haha—noted. The wedding is dry, however, so it will take some incredible planning and determination on my part to get very drunk. Tipsy I can do, but very drunk might slightly more difficult.

      • Well, now there are hidden ways that I’ve heard of recently, to get very drunk. But I would never recommend these ways to you, because they can be dangerous enough to land you in a hospital ER, and these ways are also disgusting and degrading, to the point that I won’t even speak of them.

        So stick with the incredible planning and determination, because that is more your style, and if someone can do it, I’d bet money that you are that someone.

        Assuming that you really want to get very drunk, which actually you may not, and I can respect that.

        As I think about it, dry weddings aren’t such a bad idea. There are a couple open bar wedding receptions in my past, that resulted in personal behavior that I’m not proud of. My only consolation is that the four friends that I was with; I know they are not proud of their personal behavior either, because our effort to sink to new lows, was a team effort and we did it together.

        All five of us were varsity letter jocks on our college baseball team, we had either steady girlfriends, or a couple of us had many girlfriends, and we had sex with our girlfriends frequently. (patience here, Emily…)

        So that extremely drunken homosexual orgy that all five of us engaged in together, with no holds or positions barred, was a one time only occurrence, and also a cautionary tale about the dangers of an open bar at a wedding reception.

        So be wise and be careful my young and talented friend… LOL 😀

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