How to Be Funny With Words

I have a friend. He is real and his name is Joe. He is a novelist who co-runs a website called The Write Practice. One day I was in the bathtub playing with rubber ducky and suddenly I was like “DAMN! I need to write a guest post for this blog and tell everyone how to be funny with their words.”

I put on a towel and was teleported at that instant into his living room, scaring him, his wife, and his dog as I demanded he let me guest post on his blog. There was no knife in my hands. He acquiesced.

Later that night, I, the humorist, drank alone and wrote a post with my own blood mingled with the four humors of three cats. It was a Friday.

Weeks pass, and we arrive at today. While millions of showers are being taken, my guest post “How to be Funny with Words” will bloop onto the screen of The Write Practice, startling thousands and making hundreds more cringe as they pick their noses.

Please go to The Write Practice, and for God’s sakes, write something funny for once in your life. Do it! WRITE ABOUT THE SPOOOOOOOOOONS!

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27 thoughts on “How to Be Funny With Words

  1. Your spoon story is hilarious! : -)

  2. joelevis says:

    And My name is Joe. Thats why am gona follow The Write Practice!!

  3. […] was reading Snotting Black’s blogpost, who led me to The Write Practice. On that site, there was a writing exercise for us to practice […]

  4. artzent says:

    Posted my comment to facebook. Being funny is a art that takes a lot of courage. Not everyone can be funny but we can all laugh when touched by people who can. I reall enjoy your post! Thank you.

  5. mikesretirementplan says:

    Emily, (hah, now I know your name) thanks for the humor tips, and for sending me to Joe Bunting’s blog. You always manage to leave me with a smile, and some days, that is no easy task. My funny comes in streaks, but when it hits, I can be pretty hilarious. I will do the spoons thing and put it into the bloggoshpere. Thanks again for the smiles.

  6. Roly says:

    Going to take a squizz at The write practice. You can guest post on my blog too if you want to 🙂

    • edrevets says:

      Well, Roly, that sounds just peachy. Want to email me for the deets ( I hope your squizz was nice and squizzy. I like the Write Practice a lot—great layout and it’s helpful to boot. What more could one want? Besides a biscuit, that is.

  7. Jas says:

    Just read the post on Write Practice… best part – ‘be prepared to delete the most favortie phrases’ … I am often stuck at this…

    • edrevets says:

      It’s also known as the “kill your baby” thing and you have to do it. Sometimes I save things I like in a word document for later. It’s like putting them in an orphanage I guess.

  8. yablogtherapy says:

    I was definitely startled but I was not picking my nose! Thanks for the reminder.

  9. lmao! omg your spoon story is hilarious! I would’ve never came up with something like that! super creative! love it!

  10. tomwisk says:

    When something I’m writing is getting too serious a funny line breaks the tension example: A man has just spent the night in bed with a woman who gave him a memorable experience in high school: He slid out of bed. He eased himself onto the floor. “Didn’t have to chew your arm off” She said smiling sleepily.

  11. I follow both this blog and the Write Practice, but did not realize until this afternoon that you two follow each other! Weird.

  12. sillyliss says:

    Love it! You are really, really good. I did not know that you are a triplet. You are really, really good AND a triplet. Wow.

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