Shame Eat With Ease!

Hi! Thank you for purchasing 8 oz. of Lynette’s “Seriously Chocolate” Homemade Fudge: Shame Eating Edition.

Through market research, we have determined that it’s highly likely you’ve considered not sharing this purchase with anyone. Right after you bought this butter and sugar brick, you may have been thinking about how much your spouse, kids, co-workers, or roommates would enjoy savoring its creamy texture and delicious chocolate taste. Then you started thinking about how much you would enjoy these same things, and how much longer you could enjoy it if you didn’t share. Hey, we’re with you there! We also think it would be lovely to sit and gobble this diabetes trap furtively like a woodland creature, discarding it before anyone you know sees you.

Just when you thought Lynette’s fudge couldn’t get any better, we’ve made it easier for you to shame eat and dispose of the evidence quickly and simply. For that reason, we’ve included a little plastic spoon right here in the container at no extra charge! By using a spoon to shame eat fudge, you can still retain some dignity and avoid a big post-fudge mess. Lynette’s recommended shame eating method is to drive to the nearest parking lot, make sure you’re mostly alone, and inhale the fudge-y goodness as soon as you park the car. If the weather is appropriate, Lynette likes to go to a different part of town and shame eat her fudge in a park while enjoying nature. We’re sure you’ll love it  too!

Currently we are developing a car-friendly way to devour fudge embarrassingly fast that doesn’t involve grubbing it with your hands and risking a stain on your work clothes or getting fudge fingers. If you’re interested in being put on our newsletter list, we can keep you updated on all the tricks we have up our sleeve to help keep you eating behind the backs of your loved ones. Just email us at and we’ll put your name on our list.

Here at Lynette’s, we have always believed that you deserve complete privacy as you put away the treats you deserve. Thank you supporting our mission and happy shame eating!

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6 thoughts on “Shame Eat With Ease!

  1. I’ve never heard of eating fudge with a spoon. Usually I just roll it up in a tortilla to disguise it.

    • edrevets says:

      A classic move, Cannibalistic Nerd. I’m sure that Lynette would more than approve. You might even be able to get her shame eater’s badge of approval.

  2. El Guapo says:

    If it’s proper fudge, wouldn’t it break the spoon?

    • edrevets says:

      An excellent question, el guapo. This spoon, however, is specially designed to remain firm against the thick fudginess of the fudge, so there should not be any breakage. If there is, shame will prevent people from talking about it.

  3. edrevets says:

    It was inspired by seeing a tiny plastic spoon in a fudge container…but they likely haven’t copyrighted it yet. The fools!

  4. Linda Vernon says:

    This might be a good idea for reals!

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