No boys allowed part 1

Guess who has one proportionally short thumb, one proportionally appropriate thumb, an apartment, a phone, and one change of clothes? I do, as well as at least one other person here in Cairo. Future friend? Possibly.

My physical state is deteriorating, having dire affects on my mood and personality. I am jet lagged and subsisted on chips and a croissant for most of today. I haven’t showered yet or changed my clothes since I’ve been here, so I’m getting that grimy backpacker look that instantly indicates to people that they shouldn’t lend me money. And I’ve become prone to long periods of silent staring interrupted by brief outbursts of maniacal laughter. Is that bad?

But on the bright side: I have an apartment! I will be living in the Doqqi neighborhood of Cairo, pronounced “Do’ii” (does that help?), and it’s very close to the campus of the American University of Cairo by metro and also very close to a Pizza Hut, where I intend to have my birthday celebration as well as insist others come for their own birthdays. It’s great for kids.

It’s a three bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment characterized by gaudy furniture, tacky art, and worn furnishings, but it’s got some real charm. I’ll be living there with 2 other girls who both graduated from university a few years ago and have since engaged in very interesting things. I look forward to leeching as much life advice as possible from them. We have a television, so bring on the Arabic news! And Arabic soap operas! And random American movies!

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4 thoughts on “No boys allowed part 1

  1. jd says:

    how is el arabeeyah hunack? I wonder if you and your associate, that Allen, might not continue your Arabic blog now that you are apart. I would love to read about your linguistic observations from this current adventure. I assume this is the blog to check from now on. Congratulations on an apartment. that is all.

    • edrevets says:

      The arabeeyah is….different from Morocco, but much more manageable. I look forward to being able to communicate semi-well by the end of my time here…inshallah. And hopefully we will be blogging about our Arabic adventures from 2 sides of the pond, but until that day, this is indeed the blog to check. Hope the hive is well….

  2. dave says:

    put up some pics of the gaudy furniture and your views of the street. and talk about the weather more please.

    • edrevets says:

      Pictures are forthcoming…I don’t remember where I put my camera so that is a limiting factor, but when I find it, there will be a legitimate deluge. Weather seems to be pretty constant but I’ll try to keep a thread about it going. Thanks for the recommendations.

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